For English speaking cat guests




Moni’s Cat Hotel


Vacationing for your cat in my cathotel, while you are traveling, on leave or TDY.


Do you want to relax fromwork, travel or you need to go to the hospital and you don’t know what to do with your pet? Moni’ Cat Hotel is a solution to all your problems.


The philosophy of my house is based on individual and professional care of cats.


My experience is based on rescue, care and welfare of cats for the past 10 years.


I’m in a possession of an expert certificate and license in accordance with Paragraph 11, German Animal Law.


Veterinarian Dr. Kirstin Lamprecht in Dansenberg/Kaiserslautern is providing full care for your cat if needed.



Cats effort lessly reach what humans fail to do:

To go through life without making noise.


L. d. V.



Price list:


1 Cat each day/night fee   -    €12,00

2 Cats each day/night fee -    €20,00

Fullboard with quality food – €15,00

Bring and pick up days are countedas full days.


Opening hours:


I don’t have regular opening hours. Please contact me for an appointment.





Phone: 0173-3409246 and WhatsUp


I do not take VAT forms.